Thursday, October 10, 2013

Website is back online. is back online! 

I had decided to go with blogging only and canceled my web host and set my domain to 
re-direct here to my blog. But after about a week I missed my website and decided to purchase web hosting again. I have had my website for many, many years and it just didn't feel right not to keep it after all the work I had done to it.

What a time it has been! It's been so long since I first put my site online that I had forgotten that it can be quite a job to do it all over again. 

I had to wait 24 hours for my domain to propagate across the internet and after that time it still wasn't showing up. I tried to figure it out myself, as that's the way I am, I'd rather find the solution myself before asking for help.

After doing a lot of reading and messing around in my web hosting account and my domain name registrar account, I finally gave in and asked both of them for help. They replied promptly and helped me get it back online. 

However, uploading all the files and photos proved to be a big job as well. I've been going over my site and looking for missing files and sure enough I found lots. I've uploaded those files. But I'm sure there is more that I have overlooked. So if you find any missing pages or photos, just let me know in the comments section or you can email me from my website. 

Now that I have most of that taken care of I can get back to crocheting! I am working on a camouflage baby cap and camoflage baby socks that my sister asked me to make for her son's new baby boy to be born in November. She liked the ones I had made for my new grandson who was born last month, Sept.

The baby hat has a brim and is so cute. The pattern I used is called "Cheri Hat". It has a crocheted flower on it but as I was making it for a boy with camoflage yarn, I omitted the flower, of course. lol 

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