Saturday, August 9, 2014

Quick Baby Gifts

Did you ever get invited to a baby shower with only a week to get a 
gift? That is what just happened to me. One of my nieces decided to 
have a baby shower for her pregnant sister-in-law who is coming for
a visit next week as it's not often that they get the chance to get back
this way. 

Not enough time to crochet or knit a baby blanket or a sweater and hat 
set!! I'm sure some people could do it, but I can't stay at it for a lot of 
hours each day. 

So while I did go out and buy a few things as a gift, it still didn't seem
to be complete without some hand made items. So this is what I made
to add to my gift. 

I made the baby brimmed hat from the Cheri Hat pattern by Jennie Harrell. I don't
have a direct link to it, but you can find it on as a free PDF download.
I did make a slight modification to the pattern on the brim part. On the first brim
row I crocheted 2 sc in the 4 middle sts rather than only 1 sc in each st. This gives
the brim a lift so it doesn't point downward so much. 

I used the Camouflage yarn as camo is quite popular in the rural areas and everyone
thinks it's so cute for a baby boy. This is the 3rd set of baby brim hat and socks that
I've made over the past year. 

The socks are made from my own pattern Crocheted Baby Socks (Worsted 
I redesigned this pattern to made with a larger hook to make them softer and easier 
to put on little feet. I left the old version on the pattern, below the new version.

The baby booties are made from own pattern as well, Crocheted Baby Sneaker

The only difference with this is that I decided to use black for the trim and laces
rather than the baby blue. 

So those are some quick gifts that you crochet up if you are in hurry. 

I hope this helps, and happy crocheting! 
(Check out my Knit Baby Slippers too, they are also quick to make.)