Friday, October 4, 2013

Fall Craft Shows

It's the time of year for the fall craft shows. I wish all of those who are participating as vendors much luck for a successful show. 

I'm here at home with my 2 year old granddaughter and my son-in-law as my daughter is off selling her crocheted items at the big annual 3 day craft show in the city. It gets huge crowds so I'm sure she will do very well.

I'm glad to be able to help out with watching my granddaughter. They used to live so far away from me. They are staying with me for awhile until they find a place to live which won't be so far away, as her husband starts his new job in the city on Monday and it's only takes an hour to drive there. 

She has been working her fingers hard all week. I don't know how she does it! I love to crochet too but I couldn't spend that many hours per day on it. She is so fast at it too. Even with her speed all her work is done with extra care to detail. 

She has built up a large inventory of crocheted items such as shirts, bags, shawls, scarves, infinity scarves/scoodies, hoods, fingerless gloves, armers, wristers, hats, jewelery, slippers as well as other clothing and accessories. 

Many people like to get out to the craft shows at this time of year to do some early Christmas shopping. There is nothing better to give as a gift than a hand crafted item! If you have never sold at a craft show before, it might be something to consider for earning some extra money for the upcoming holiday season.

Here is another good idea: In my area there is a local buy and sell facebook group. Even though most people sell items they no longer want or need, such as clothing, household appliances, furniture, etc, many are also selling handcrafted items such as crochet, knitting, wood crafts, etc. If there isn't such a group in your area, you could start one yourself! 

I love to see people earning an income from their special talents! I'll be adding some more articles on tips for selling your crafts that I hope will help. 

As always, I welcome anyone to use my free patterns to make items to sell at home or at the craft shows. 

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