Sunday, November 3, 2013

Thanksgiving Crafts

Thanksgiving will be coming up soon in the U.S. Here in Canada it is over and done with, it was in October. 

Here is an article with some great Thanksgiving crafts ideas for kids. I think most adults would enjoy making these crafts too! 

4 Easy Thanksgiving Craft Ideas For Kids
By Toasha R Jiordano

The time is upon us. Pull out all those brown and orange sweaters, and grab a cup of hot cocoa. Relax by the fire and read book after book from your favorite author. Oh... what? You have kids? Nevermind!

But have no fear. I'm here to show you some easy craft ideas that any elementary aged child can do. The older ones will love it too, if you can get them to be in the same room with you long enough.

Thankful Turkey

Have each family member write down a couple things they're thankful for on cut out feathers. Poke the feathers into the turkey's back and watch the thankful plumage bloom!

What You Need:

Fall colored construction paper



Pipe cleaners

Yarn (dark and light brown) (preferably ball/ not skein)

Wooden craft stick (or popsicle stick)

Felt material or more construction paper

Optional: Store bought googly eyes or other facial features

How To:  Read more here......

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