Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Slip Stitch Knitting

By Sue Norrad

Slip stitch knitting is a method of using slipped stitches for making two color designs. It is very easy as you do not have to carry the yarn behind your work. Therefore, slip stitch knitting doesn't come out thick and heavy like the normal method of working with two colors. It also retains it's stretchiness.

A slip stitch knitted design can appear to look complicated, but it is actually very easy.

It's as easy as simply knitting a row. You slip a few stitches on the row where you would normally knit with the other color. This brings the color up to the next row and creates a very pretty design. Another advantage of Slip Stitch Knitting is that you do not use as much yarn in the project.

Two different color strands are used one at a time. They are changed at the beginning of each right side row. You work two rows with Color A, then drop it and pick up Color B.

A typical pattern would be to knit two stitches with Color B, slip two stitches with the yarn in back. Repeat that to the end of the row. The next row on the wrong side, you will knit 2 and slip two stitches with the yarn in front. Then drop Color B and pick up Color A to knit two rows again and so on. You do not do slip stitching on Color A rows, it's straight knitting.

Every slip stitch is slipped with yarn in back on all right side rows and with yarn in front on all wrong side rows. This is so the yarn is always held to the wrong side.

Slip Stitch Knitting is also called Mosaic Knitting. This term for Slip Stitch Knitting was coined by Barbara G. Walker in her book "Mosaic Knitting" first published in 1976. The revised edition includes 116 new charted mosaic designs to complement the 157 charted designs featured in the original edition.

There are not many Slip Stitch Knitted patterns for free online, however if you visit my site in the link at the end of this article, I have designed a Knitted Slip Stitch Slippers pattern that you can get for free.

I have found Slip Stitch Knitting to be very enjoyable. It works up fast and you can use so many different color combinations to create some very beautiful projects.

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