Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Star Stitch

I was looking at some different crochet stitches and came across the 
star stitch. I love it! There are some different ways of doing it but I found
this lady's version the best, How To Crochet: The Star Stitch.

She has photos to illustrate how to do it, and for left handed people if you 
roll your mouse over the images they will change for you. I am right handed
so I didn't have to do that, but of course I had to check it out! 

I decided to do a small sample using this stitch just to try it. Her 
instructions are very good but there is one thing I found that she 
should of added. 

On Row 3 when you work in the hdc's you need to go through 
the loop under the top loops plus the front loop only and not the
back loop, otherwise you will get a line or ridge between your star 
stitch rows. If you look at her photo, you see no ridges. 

Here is a photo of my sample piece:


Look at the rows on the bottom. You will see a line or ridge across
the tops of the first and second pink star stitch rows and the green
row of star stitches. That is because I went through both top
loops as you normally would when crocheting through hdc's. 

Now look at the top rows of star stitches. There are no lines
or ridges. This is because I went through the loop under the 
top loops plus the front top loop. 

Here is a photo where I show where the loop under the top loops

The hook on the left is going through both top loops. The hook
on the right is going through the loop under the top loops and the
front top loop. 

As you can see at the link I posted above, her photo of the 
star stitch piece she crocheted is done without any lines or
ridges between the star stitch rows. 

I like it best without the lines or ridges but for certain projects it
might add an interesting effect. 

I really like this stitch. I'm going to use it for a dishcloth and I'm thinking
of also doing a star stitch afghan. Now to decide what colors I should
use. So many choices! 


Update: Jan. 25, 2014

I made a dishcloth using the star stitch. This time I only went through
the one loop, the loop under the top loops as shown in the photo 
above. The front still looked the same but it made the back of the
dishcloth look better than if I had of went through 2 loops. 

The front of the dishcloth.

The next photo is of the back of the dishcloth. It formed a neat 
line or ridge across the rows of star stitches. It actually looks like 
a row of knitting. 

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